Milton Crescent, ILFORD, IG2 6DN


This page details the photographs taken nearby to Milton Crescent, IG2 6DN by members of the Geograph project.

The Geograph project started in 2005 with the aim of publishing, organising and preserving representative images for every square kilometre of Great Britain, Ireland and the Isle of Man.

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Rainbow, looking east this time
This picture would look brilliant depicted as a watercolour painting! This is an easterly view of the rainbow, taken from my back garden. The pole at the left of the photograph, if you're wondering, is a former flagpole.
Image: © Robert Lamb Taken: 10 Aug 2008
0.03 miles
Milton Crescent
A residential road, which doesn't appear to be a crescent
Image: © David Smith Taken: 11 Aug 2016
0.03 miles
Albemarle Gardens, Ilford
Image: © Alex McGregor Taken: 17 Aug 2010
0.03 miles
My very snowy back garden
This is the same view of my back garden last night, but during daylight.
Image: © Robert Lamb Taken: 2 Feb 2009
0.05 miles
40 minutes later...
In the space of just 40 minutes from the rainbow photo, the sky has once again darkened significantly, and the rainbow has all but vanished! You can see that the lamp-posts on the road are just starting to warm up too!
Image: © Robert Lamb Taken: 10 Aug 2008
0.05 miles
Evergreen Trees Not Evergreen!
One of the back gardens on nearby Milton Crescent has these five grand evergreen trees (if any knows what species they are, please say!), although they're hardly evergreen now! View taken from my back garden looking north-east in the direction of Newbury Park.
Image: © Robert Lamb Taken: 2 Feb 2009
0.06 miles
Song thrush on the pergola
This beautiful song thrush made an appearance in the back garden this morning to cheer us all up! Note the leopard-like brown markings on its abdomen.
Image: © Robert Lamb Taken: 2 Feb 2009
0.06 miles
Snowflakes rushing past the lamp-post
I thought I'd experiment with the flash on my camera and so I took two photos of the snowflakes rushing past the lamp-post outside the front door. This one was taken with the flash turned off. Compare this with "Snowflakes rushing past the lamp-post #2".
Image: © Robert Lamb Taken: 1 Feb 2009
0.06 miles
Snow in my back garden
While I'm in the mood, I thought I may as well take a look at the back garden. This picture was taken using the flash, since this scene would've just looked black with the orange glow from the lamp-posts in the background had I not used it and it really brings the scene and snowballs to life! Note how the hydrangea in the bottom-right of the image seems to look as if it's come back to life with the snow collected on the dead flowerheads! The broad-leafed plant at the left of the picture is a yucca, in case you're wondering! View taken looking north-east towards the A12 Eastern Avenue.
Image: © Robert Lamb Taken: 1 Feb 2009
0.06 miles
Tower Blocks in Gants Hill
This is a much improved version of my shot of the tower blocks in Gants Hill from my bedroom window, taken using the 15x optical zoom on my new Sony H50 digital camera. The tall building on the right is the 12-storey City Gate House, whilst on the left, clearly marked by cranes, is the new block of apartments being built on the former Odeon site.
Image: © Robert Lamb Taken: 17 Sep 2008
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