Frequenlty Asked Questions

  • Questions About Data

    Q: Where do you get your data from?

    Our data comes from a number of sources, including Government and publicly available data, third-party licenced data and also data that is curated or enhanced in-house.

    Q: I have founds a mistake in your data, how do I get it rectified?

    As a significant majority of our data is sourced from other organisations, we are not able to simply amend the incorrect data as this would simply be overwritten by the next scheduled update. We would advise you to contact the originator of the data in order to get any anomolies addressed. If you need help on where to direct your requests, please feel free to contact us for advice.

    Q: Why are some types of data more up to date than others?

    All of our data sources are updated to different schedules and are made available by third-parties to their timetables. We monitor these channels and merge in the data to our services as quickly as possible after the data becomes available.

    Q: Can I request data to be removed?

    If your data is supplied to us from an open source then we are unable to remove the data as it is a matter of public record and any deletions would simply be re-inserted on the next update. If you believe you have the right to have the data removed, please contact the origiator of the data. You may contact us for assistance if you need help in contacting the original data provider