Albemarle Gardens, ILFORD, IG2 6DJ


This page details the photographs taken nearby to Albemarle Gardens, IG2 6DJ by members of the Geograph project.

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Eastern Avenue
Image: © N Chadwick Taken: 20 Nov 2021
0.06 miles
Ashurst Drive
Image: © N Chadwick Taken: 20 Nov 2021
0.08 miles
An Interesting Sunset over Middleton Gardens
Today has been yet another bright and sunny day, which has prompted this rather interesting sunset to form over Middleton Gardens at five to seven. I can't tell whether the peach-coloured lines are thin clouds or vapour trails of airplanes which have flown over the area during the day. View taken west in the direction of Valentines Park.
Image: © Robert Lamb Taken: 28 Sep 2008
0.09 miles
Rainbow from street level
Here's a view of the rainbow taken looking south-southwest from street level. The massive arc of the coloured bands is well demonstrated! The chimney to the left gives you a good idea of its height in the sky!
Image: © Robert Lamb Taken: 10 Aug 2008
0.10 miles
Fog at night
Thick fog blanketed Middleton Gardens on the evening of the 8th January, with some quite interesting results! I love the way the lamp posts turn the fog orange - it adds a somewhat dingy and dreary atmosphere to the road! This is the view looking north-west towards Gants Hill - the tower blocks completely hidden by the fog!
Image: © Robert Lamb Taken: 8 Jan 2009
0.10 miles
Snowflakes rushing past the lamp-post #2
This is the same view as "Snowflakes rushing past the lamp-post", but zoomed out slightly and with the flash turned on. Note that you can now see the house across the road and more detail of the shape of the lamp-post, the lamp-post is less glary and has more of an orange glow to it, and the snowflakes come to life in their true colour! Just goes to show you what the flash can do!
Image: © Robert Lamb Taken: 1 Feb 2009
0.11 miles
Mann Kaur Villa, Perth Road
Under the name on the gatepost (with golden lion) is the inscription: Gurbachan Singh Bhakar
Image: © David Smith Taken: 11 Aug 2016
0.11 miles
Snow at night
The same view as "Snow in Middleton Gardens", taken around four hours later. Several more snowfalls occurred throughout the evening, which has now led to the snow settling in thick blankets on the road and pavement. The lamp-posts give an interesting effect with their yellowish glow - it almost looks as if the road has been coated in lemon icing! Note the skyglow in the background, caused by the snow reflecting the glow from the lamp posts!
Image: © Robert Lamb Taken: 1 Feb 2009
0.12 miles
Eastern Avenue
Image: © N Chadwick Taken: 20 Nov 2021
0.12 miles
View of a snowy Valentines Park from the Middlefield Approach/Perth Road junction
Looking west-southwest.
Image: © Robert Lamb Taken: 3 Dec 2010
0.12 miles
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