Horns Road, ILFORD, IG2 6BL


This page details the photographs taken nearby to Horns Road, IG2 6BL by members of the Geograph project.

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Newbury Park: The former County and former Horns Tavern
A couple of months after Alex took his Image and The County appears to have closed to business. Looking at the closing down party Halloween notices still left outside the pub this probably happened around the end of October 2010. The pub was on Horns Road. Old Ordnance Survey maps show that this area was originally a linear village known as Ley Street and an older building called the Horns Tavern is shown on the 1896 map. Probably the same building is also shown on the 1864 map but without a name. The building is still shown on the map of 1919, but by 1939 the current building is shown as the Horns Tavern.
Image: © Nigel Cox Taken: 25 Apr 2011
0.04 miles
The County, Barkingside
Image: © Alex McGregor Taken: 16 Aug 2010
0.05 miles
Derelict building on Buntingbridge Road, Newbury Park
It appears to have been the Cranvale residential care home.
Image: © David Howard Taken: 9 May 2021
0.07 miles
Abbey Road, Newbury Park
Image: © David Howard Taken: 9 May 2021
0.11 miles
Sofa skeletons
In the back yard of Sofa Design (not to be confused with Sofa Designs). Whether these are made on the premises is not too clear, but putting flesh on them is certainly done here, as an open door round the corner revealed.
Image: © Robin Webster Taken: 9 Apr 2011
0.12 miles
Toys 'R' Us
The Newbury Park branch.
Image: © Robin Webster Taken: 9 Apr 2011
0.14 miles
Entrance to Toys R Us and Currys retail park
Now here's something you don't see everyday - a Toys R Us store (and giraffes, come to that)! This building was constructed in the mid 1990s as there wasn't another toy store around here, and so we desperately needed one (our nearest Toys R Us before then was in Lakeside in Thurrock!) Currys was previously over the road next to Charlie Browns, but they clearly needed a bigger store so they moved in next to Toys R Us. The old Currys and Charlie Brown's building is now B&Q, which was constructed in 2004 and opened in early 2005. There are, therefore, now two B&Q stores next to each other in the same retail park (the other B&Q store has been there as far as I can remember)! B&Q call it on their website a "Mini Warehouse". View taken from Horns Road looking towards the Premier Inn hotel in the background.
Image: © Robert Lamb Taken: 12 Aug 2008
0.14 miles
B&Q, Newbury Park
There are two separate B&Q buildings here, this one offers what it says, the other everything else.
Image: © Robin Webster Taken: 9 Apr 2011
0.14 miles
St Laurence, Donington Avenue, Barkingside - Old church
Now the church hall
Image: © John Salmon Taken: 8 Nov 2004
0.16 miles
Netley Road, Newbury Park
Image: © David Howard Taken: 9 May 2021
0.16 miles
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