Badger Close, ILFORD, IG2 6AY


This page details the photographs taken nearby to Badger Close, IG2 6AY by members of the Geograph project.

The Geograph project started in 2005 with the aim of publishing, organising and preserving representative images for every square kilometre of Great Britain, Ireland and the Isle of Man.

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A serious but amusing advert
I spotted this advert about the consequences of dangerous driving on the rear of this 169 bus on Ley Street in Newbury Park. It portrays a serious message, but I found the bottom part of it rather amusing! Don't you?
Image: © Robert Lamb Taken: 18 Aug 2008
0.02 miles
Shops on Ley Street, Newbury Park
Image: © David Howard Taken: 21 Oct 2017
0.03 miles
Shops on Ley Street, Newbury Park
Image: © David Howard Taken: 9 May 2021
0.03 miles
Crossroads, Eastern Avenue
Image: © N Chadwick Taken: 20 Nov 2021
0.05 miles
Eastern Avenue after Greengate traffic lights
This is the view of the Eastern Avenue London-bound after Greengate traffic lights - just a simple urban dual carriageway with vegetation on the central reservation. City Gate House and the cranes for the building of the new apartments on the former Odeon site at Gants Hill can be seen in the distance, and Tilemania can be seen on the right. View taken looking west towards Gants Hill Roundabout.
Image: © Robert Lamb Taken: 7 Aug 2008
0.05 miles
Eastern Avenue, Newbury Park
Image: © David Howard Taken: 6 Jun 2021
0.05 miles
Shops on Eastern Avenue, Newbury Park
On the corner of Ley Street
Image: © David Howard Taken: 5 Mar 2017
0.06 miles
Image: © N Chadwick Taken: 20 Nov 2021
0.08 miles
View of the Holiday Inn Express Newbury Park from Ley Street
The Holiday Inn Express is now well known for the excellent view over the Olympic Park that it offers. As such, in 2012 it was completely taken over by the Olympic committee LOCOG. Looking north-northeast.
Image: © Robert Lamb Taken: 7 Mar 2014
0.08 miles
Oasis Banqueting Hall
Image: © N Chadwick Taken: 20 Nov 2021
0.11 miles
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