Cranley Drive, ILFORD, IG2 6AH


This page details the photographs taken nearby to Cranley Drive, IG2 6AH by members of the Geograph project.

The Geograph project started in 2005 with the aim of publishing, organising and preserving representative images for every square kilometre of Great Britain, Ireland and the Isle of Man.

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Crossroads: Quebec Road meeting Perth Road
Image: © David Smith Taken: 11 Aug 2016
0.07 miles
Perth Road at the junction of Quebec Road, Gants Hill
Image: © David Howard Taken: 31 Jan 2012
0.07 miles
View of City Gate House basking in the sunset from Perth Road
Looking north-northwest.
Image: © Robert Lamb Taken: 3 Mar 2014
0.11 miles
Gate of Valentines Park, Quebec Road, Ilford
Entrance to the park from a residential road
Image: © David Smith Taken: 11 Aug 2016
0.11 miles
Houses in Quebec Road, Ilford
Image: © David Smith Taken: 11 Aug 2016
0.12 miles
View of a sunrise over Middleton Gardens
Looking south-southeast.
Image: © Robert Lamb Taken: 18 Nov 2017
0.14 miles
Middleton Gardens
A residential road, houses with small front gardens
Image: © David Smith Taken: 11 Aug 2016
0.15 miles
An hour or so later...
About an hour later, this is what is left of the tree - a small neat stump, and a lot of sawdust! A sad end to a sight that has been there for as long as I can remember!
Image: © Robert Lamb Taken: 15 Jan 2009
0.15 miles
Tree Cutting on Middleton Gardens
After hearing a lot of noise outside, I looked out the window and found that the large tree at the bottom of the road was being cut down, presumably because its roots were causing cracks in the pavement and making it very dangerous for pedestrians to walk along. White lines have been spray painted on the pavement by the tree right outside my bedroom window, so something tells me that this is not the only tree that will be felled! View taken from my bedroom window looking south-southeast down Middleton Gardens to the junction with Milton Crescent.
Image: © Robert Lamb Taken: 15 Jan 2009
0.15 miles
Fog at night #2
This is the view looking in the opposite direction - south-east in the direction of Ilford. Once again, the streetlamps give a rather interesting effect - this could possibly be a scene for a horror or fantasy movie!
Image: © Robert Lamb Taken: 8 Jan 2009
0.16 miles
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