Blucher Street, BIRMINGHAM, B1 1HP


This page details the photographs taken nearby to Blucher Street, B1 1HP by members of the Geograph project.

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Lee Bank House and 49-51 Holloway Head, Birmingham
To the fore is a derelict late-1950s/early-1960s office block. Lee Bank House, beyond Blucher Street, was built as a flatted factory in 1958 by Philip Skelcher & Partners (it's now a business centre).
Image: © Stephen Richards Taken: 26 Aug 2011
0.02 miles
Disused showroom, Holloway Head, Birmingham
A disused showroom on Holloway Head, Birmingham.
Image: © Malc McDonald Taken: 13 Jun 2010
0.03 miles
Service Station
Petrol station and shop on Holloway Head.
Image: © Peter McDermott Taken: 6 Oct 2022
0.03 miles
Flags outside the Ramada Encore, Birmingham
Flags outside the Ramada Encore hotel, Birmingham. In the background are the Cleveland Tower, 90 metres high completed in 1971, and the Beetham Tower completed in 2005 which stands at over 120 metres high.
Image: © Malc McDonald Taken: 13 Jun 2010
0.04 miles
Holloway Head Car Park
A fairly desperate concrete car park just outside the inner ring road.
Image: © John M Taken: 10 Sep 2009
0.05 miles
Holloway Circus Vicinity, Birmingham
Following the closure and demolition of two Welsh Chapels in Birmingham, the Welsh Presbyterian Church (a.k.a. Bethel Chapel) was built and opened in 1968. Weekly services are held in Welsh, with occasional bilingual services. The church is situated on the south side of the B4127, within metres of the busy Holloway Circus roundabout.
Image: © David Hallam-Jones Taken: 2 Sep 2017
0.05 miles
Welsh church in Birmingham
A Welsh church on Holloway Head, Birmingham.
Image: © Malc McDonald Taken: 13 Jun 2010
0.05 miles
Lonsdale House, 52 Blucher Street, Birmingham
Located on the corner of Blucher Street and Upper Gough Street. This building dates from the 1950's and is used for serviced offices, of varying sizes.
Image: © P L Chadwick Taken: 26 Aug 2014
0.05 miles
Lonsdale House, Blucher Street, Birmingham
"By J. Seymour Harris & Partners, 1954-55, good Festival of Britain style". It was a furniture factory, but now offers serviced offices for rent.
Image: © Stephen Richards Taken: 23 Jun 2015
0.05 miles
The Sentinels
The Sentinels are Cleveland Tower, to the left, and Clydesdale Tower, to the right. They are 32 storeys tall according to the Edinburgh University Tower Block site, which describes them as having 244 dwellings per block, and they were built by the contractor Bryant for the city council of Birmingham . Cleveland Tower was completed in 1970, Clydesdale in 1971, according to Wikipedia, which describes their unusual social history . The Sentinels were the highest housing blocks in the city until they were surpassed in 2019. Originally council flats, they are now owned by a housing association. The Sentinels are seen here from Blucher Street off Holloway Head, near the synagogue, a viewpoint which will presumably be lost once the construction in the foreground is completed.
Image: © A J Paxton Taken: 22 Mar 2022
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