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Buskers in Smelly Alley
Union Street was known as smelly alley due to the fishmongers. The date is approximate.
Image: © Roger A Smith Taken: Unknown
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Foggy Reading ? north on Union Street
Union Street is an intimate shopping lane between Broad Street and Friar Street.
Image: © Robin Stott Taken: 11 Dec 2013
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Union Street, Reading
Colloquially known as Smelly Alley, this narrow pedestrianised street links Broad Street and Friar Street. It is home to mostly small, independent retailers, though you can also see the signage for two larger shops whose entrances are on Broad Street. The familiar name is a reference to the market traders selling meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.
Image: © Andrew Smith Taken: 16 Aug 2007
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Friar Street, Reading
A new Novotel hotel towers over Reading's brick architecture. The bus is just this side of the junction with Station Road, which goes off to the right. A branch of the Nationwide Building Society occupies the corner building behind the bus.
Image: © Andrew Smith Taken: 4 Oct 2007
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Friar Street, Reading
Looking west along Friar Street on a wet summer afternoon.
Image: © Oscar Taylor Taken: 4 Jul 2023
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The Bugle, Friar Street
A traditional looking pub which has managed to avoid redevelopment, it extends down a lane to the side called Fife Court. According to a local ex-soldiers' website ( ) the Bugle was opened by Simonds Brewery shortly after the Battle of Maiwand in 1880 (see Image ); the pub sign depicts a bugler of the 66th (Berkshire) Regiment.
Image: © Rose and Trev Clough Taken: 7 Feb 2008
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The Bugle, Friar Street, Reading
Image: © Robin Sones Taken: 9 Dec 2013
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The Bugle pub sign
The pub had closed down when this view was taken. See Image for some further background information.
Image: © Fernweh Taken: 28 Oct 2022
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Smelly Alley
Union Street, a narrow pedestrian street between Friar Street and Broad Street, is ubiquitously known in Reading as "Smelly Alley" because of all the fish and meat shops along here. Many are still there, just counters fronting the street, but these days there is a greater variety of shops. On the Saturday evening before Christmas all the stalls are closed.
Image: © Graham Horn Taken: 19 Dec 2009
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Looking down Fife Court
The boarded up premises are all part of The Bugle pub. See Image
Image: © Fernweh Taken: 28 Oct 2022
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