Greaves Street, OLDHAM, OL1 1AL


This page details the photographs taken nearby to Greaves Street, OL1 1AL by members of the Geograph project.

The Geograph project started in 2005 with the aim of publishing, organising and preserving representative images for every square kilometre of Great Britain, Ireland and the Isle of Man.

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Gallery Oldham
Image: © SMJ Taken: 3 Oct 2012
0.01 miles
Annie Kenney
Oldham-born Annie Kenney was the only working class woman to hold a senior position in the Women's Social and Political Union. Kenney started work in a cotton mill in 1889 at the age of 10, remaining at the mill for 15 years and becoming involved in trade-union activities before joining the WSPU. She attracted the attention of the press and public in 1905 when she and Christabel Pankhurst were imprisoned for several days for assault and obstruction, after heckling Sir Edward Grey at a Liberal rally in Manchester. It was seen as a pivotal moment in the campaign for the vote when the suffragettes moved towards more radical, direct protest. Kenney was imprisoned 13 times and took part in hunger strikes. This striking, bronze relief portrait shows Annie dressed in her mill workers shawl with mills in the background. It is on display in the “Oldham Stories” section at Gallery Oldham Image], about 250 yards from her statue outside the town hall in Parliament Square (Image]).
Image: © David Dixon Taken: 25 Feb 2019
0.03 miles
The Chemist's Shop, Gallery Oldham
This reconstruction of an Edwardian chemist's shop is in the "Oldham Stories" section of Gallery Oldham Image
Image: © David Dixon Taken: 25 Feb 2019
0.03 miles
A striking modern extension to the grandeur of Victorian municipalism.
Image: © Alan Murray-Rust Taken: 7 Jan 2014
0.03 miles
Side of old library
Taken from car park
Image: © Stephen Darlington Taken: 30 May 2010
0.04 miles
The Old Library and Art Gallery Union Street
Image: © Stanley Walker Taken: 11 Jul 2007
0.04 miles
The Old Post Office. Union Street
Built in 1877 is now the location of the Oldham Local Studies and Archives.
Image: © Stanley Walker Taken: 11 Jul 2007
0.05 miles
Detail for Free Library Oldham
The Old Library and Art Gallery Union Street
Image: © Alan Seddon Taken: 2 Dec 2013
0.05 miles
Tram on Union Street (looking west)
Image: © David Dixon Taken: 28 Jan 2014
0.05 miles
Postbox with attached pouch box
Seen outside the local interest centre (former post office) on Union Street, Oldham. See
Image: © michael ely Taken: 5 Dec 2008
0.06 miles
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