Greenland Street, LIVERPOOL, L1 0BY


This page details the photographs taken nearby to Greenland Street, L1 0BY by members of the Geograph project.

The Geograph project started in 2005 with the aim of publishing, organising and preserving representative images for every square kilometre of Great Britain, Ireland and the Isle of Man.

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Parliament Street
The A562, as seen from its junction with Chaloner Street [A5036], and its junction with Sefton Street, which goes straight on to the right at this junction. The red stone building to the left is the Contemporary Urban Centre.
Image: © M J Richardson Taken: 6 Mar 2011
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Jamaica/Parliament Street junction
Image: © Colin Pyle Taken: 22 Jan 2010
0.06 miles
New Bird Street Skate Park, Liverpool
Situated in the Baltic Triangle area of Liverpool.
Image: © Matt Harrop Taken: 7 Apr 2019
0.07 miles
Bob Marley singing in the rain on Jamaica Street, Liverpool
Image: © Roger A Smith Taken: 23 Nov 2021
0.08 miles
Detail of former pub, Stanhope Street, Liverpool
Some detail on a defunct pub (Image]).
Image: © Stephen Richards Taken: 10 Jun 2013
0.09 miles
Former pub, Stanhope Street, Liverpool
Once the Angel, with quite an ornate ground floor (Image]). Boarded up at the time lacking even any optimistic estate agent signs. Prominent behind is Image
Image: © Stephen Richards Taken: 10 Jun 2013
0.09 miles
The Mayfair
Boarded-up public house at junction of Stanhope Street and Caryl Street, Liverpool.
Image: © Peter Barr Taken: 2 Nov 2012
0.09 miles
Liverpool: Cain's Brewery, Grafton Street
This is one of those tricky situations in Geograph when the gridline dividing two grid squares runs down the middle of a large building. In this case the 335000 Easting probably crosses straight through the brewery chimney and clips the corner of the steel security fence on the right. Sue's Image is a near identical view but submitted in Image So the façade on the left in Grafton Street and some of the façade facing the photographer are in this square, the remainder of that frontage being in the adjacent square. Sue has produced a thorough excellent interesting history of the brewery in her caption, to which I can add nothing! The Brewery Tap public house is set in the near corner of the building and the Cain's Brewery website is here
Image: © Nigel Cox Taken: 16 Jun 2007
0.09 miles
Cain's Brewery, Grafton Street, Liverpool
Image: © Tom Pennington Taken: 13 Jul 2008
0.09 miles
New apartments from Stanhope Street
Edge protection to steel frame supplied by easi-edge Ltd.
Image: © Steve Fareham Taken: 30 Jul 2008
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