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E&M's Closing Down Sale
Not much to smile about for Aberdeen's grandest department store, Esslemont and Macintosh, which is selling off its stock prior to closure. The store on Union Street is in two granite blocks, connected by a walkway. The western block was designed by RG Wilson in 1897 and the eastern block by Ellis & Wilson. Most of the old double-deck buses have now been replaced by "bendy-buses" like this one on the Red Line to the Bridge of Don housing estates.
Image: © Colin Smith Taken: 9 Apr 2007
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Union Street
View roughly eastwards with the towers of the Townhouse (left) and Salvation Army Citadel (right) visible in the distance.
Image: © Bill Harrison Taken: 21 Sep 2013
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Union Street, City of Aberdeen
View along the length of the main street in Aberdeen, Scotland.
Image: © Andrew Tryon Taken: 22 Aug 2019
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Plainstanes on the Castlegate.
Looking west to Union Street from the Castlegate. On the left is the Athenaeum (pub, formerly a reading room and restaurant), in the middle is the Town House, on the right is "Archibald Simpson's" (now a pub named after Aberdeen's greatest architect). Simpson's was formerly a bank.
Image: © Colin Smith Taken: Unknown
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Town House, Aberdeen.
The New Town House dates from 1874. This granite building has Flemish architecture style and the landmark tower can be seen from all over the city.
Image: © Colin Smith Taken: Unknown
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Chasing the 'monkey' down Union Street
An 'escaped monkey' is chased down the pavement of Union Street, Aberdeen by its 'keepers'. This was part of a publicity stunt to raise awareness of the Aberdeen Student Charities Campaign's latest fund-raising efforts. They are passing John A Dunn Limited, a shoe shop at 46 Union Street. On the right is part of Millets Camping and Leisure.
Image: © Richard Sutcliffe Taken: Unknown
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Union Street, Aberdeen
Image: © Roger Cornfoot Taken: 31 May 2015
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Crisis, what crisis?
The shopping experience on Union Street: charity shop in closed café, money lender, charity shop, hearing-aid shop.
Image: © Bill Harrison Taken: 1 Mar 2014
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Guestrow Plaque
A notice explaining the possible origin of the street name.
Image: © Bill Harrison Taken: 17 Jun 2008
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The Illicit Still Public House
On Broad Street, Aberdeen.
Image: © Ian S Taken: 4 Oct 2022
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