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Information, statistics, maps and analysis for your postcode and local area


We currently have over 500 million data points with up-to-date police and crime details, sold house prices, population and parliamentary details but we are working on so much more!

We're a new service and so we are still adding data and reflecting on how that data is presented to make it as usable as possible. Please check back to see what new data is available or subscribe and receive a free email whenever there is an update to a postcode that you are interested in.

Whilst we're getting up to speed, please do help us by letting us know if you spot something wrong and if you have any ideas to improve or enhance the site or data, then please do share them with us.

For details of where we get our data from, please see our information pages.

Thank you for your visit today.

The StreetGuide Team


Recent Updates

24 Sep 2021 Parliament data updated to 23 September 2021
23 Sep 2021 Population data updated for December 2020
16 Sep 2021 ONS Postcode data for August 2021 added
12 Sep 2021 Parliamentary Boundary maps for England and Wales for 2023 Proposed Constituencies added
5 Sep 2021 ONS Population data added
Local Area
Aerial street view
Details of your local area


Image of a police station light beacon
Your local Police Force details


Police crime tape - do not cross
Crime statistics for your area
Roadworks Coming Soon
Image of a roadworks sign
Roadworks in your area
(coming soon)

UK Parliament

Image of Houses of Parliament
Your parliamentary representative
Broadband Coming Soon
Image of a broadband router
Your local broadband performance (coming soon)

Sold House Prices

Image of houses with Sold signs
Sold house prices in your area