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News and Updates

5 JUNE 2022

We have extended our Companies data. Now, if a postcode has any companies recorded, you can click on the More Details button and view details of those companies.

26 MAY 2022

The Office For National Statistics (ONS) have today released updated population estimates by nationality to 30th June 2021 and these figures have been incorporated into the data shown on the site.

21 MAY 2022

On our summary page we are now showing the number of companies registered at each postcode.

This currently shows the total registered companies and those that are still active.

We are working on additional pages which will allow you to home in on the specific details of these companies and this will be available soon.

Please note that it does not show all businesses registered at a given postcode - this data only shows incorporated entities.

20 MAY 2022

We have made a small update to our Parliament pages to show the member history for each constituency in addition to the current member's details.

23 APRIL 2022

We have extended our Crime reporting to include analysis and summary fo Stop and Search data.

As with the street-level crime data, this is available for each police force neighbourhood and includes the events mapped and shown as a fully detailed table.

9 MARCH 2022

We are pleased to release the first stage of our road safety data. Spanning 20 years for every postcode, you can now see details of reported accidents that resulted in personal injury that was reported to the police. Additional analysis will be released over the coming weeks as we crunch the numbers.

24 DECEMBER 2021

We have added both historical price summaries and comparisons with other aspects of the postcode to our house price summary page.

You may filter the data by date, the type of property, the area and by the quantity of sales or the average value of the sales within the group.

We have also added a chart in order to visualise further the house price trends for any given postcode.

25 NOVEMBER 2021

We have been hard at work behind the scenes working on our live roadworks feed.

Now, for postcodes in England you can get details of roadworks up to 5 miles from your postcode together with details of the severity, impact, planned duration and responsibility for the works. The feed is live and is continually updated throughout the day.

We are supplying the feed in beta mode at this stage so please understand that we may need to make changes, take it offline or otherwise adjust the service as time progresses.

For other countries, we are trying to obtain similar feeds for those area too.

As always we would be delighted to receive any feedback you have relating to this service and how it could be imrpoved for you.

26 OCTOBER 2021

We have added more information pertaining to Members of Parliament.

On the Members page you can now see all the debates the Member participates in together with all of the content that is recorded in Hansard pertaining to that debate. Additionally, all Early Day Motions together with their full sponsor list, written question and answers posed by the Member and all of their voting history.

14 OCTOBER 2021

We have added the 2023 proposed Parliamentary boundaries to the Maps pages for Scotland which have now been released.