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News and Updates

24 DECEMBER 2021

We have added both historical price summaries and comparisons with other aspects of the postcode to our house price summary page.

You may filter the data by date, the type of property, the area and by the quantity of sales or the average value of the sales within the group.

We have also added a chart in order to visualise further the house price trends for any given postcode.

25 NOVEMBER 2021

We have been hard at work behind the scenes working on our live roadworks feed.

Now, for postcodes in England you can get details of roadworks up to 5 miles from your postcode together with details of the severity, impact, planned duration and responsibility for the works. The feed is live and is continually updated throughout the day.

We are supplying the feed in beta mode at this stage so please understand that we may need to make changes, take it offline or otherwise adjust the service as time progresses.

For other countries, we are trying to obtain similar feeds for those area too.

As always we would be delighted to receive any feedback you have relating to this service and how it could be imrpoved for you.

26 OCTOBER 2021

We have added more information pertaining to Members of Parliament.

On the Members page you can now see all the debates the Member participates in together with all of the content that is recorded in Hansard pertaining to that debate. Additionally, all Early Day Motions together with their full sponsor list, written question and answers posed by the Member and all of their voting history.

14 OCTOBER 2021

We have added the 2023 proposed Parliamentary boundaries to the Maps pages for Scotland which have now been released.

12 OCTOBER 2021

Another chart showing the urban/rural status of each postcode area where available has been added to the local area summary page. There are six division from major conurbation down to sparsely populated hamlets and the info popup provides additional detail.

5 OCTOBER 2021

We have added a chart showing the relative deprivation rating for an area on the main summary page. Please note that this number is comparable only within a country as England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all create their index differently and only consider their own areas. Please click on the more info icon on the summary page for more details.


We have added again to our Maps page. Now the local council ward, Greater London Assembly, Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament constituencies are available.

We have also added a recent updates list to our main page so you can easily check which datasets have been updated since your last visit.


We have added a history graph to the recently added population page and have also added the 2023 proposed Parliamentary boundaries to the Maps pages. Please note that these have only been released for England and Wales so far. We will look to add in Scotland and Northern Ireland once these have been made available.


We have added a new dataset showing UK population statistics by local district since 2001. The first pass of data has been published and allows you to view a table of population statistics for the latest available (June 2020) and compare them against data from a year ago, or 5, 10 or 20 years.

More charts and data will be available shortly following testing.

28 AUGUST 2021

We have extended our parliamentary data by including a detailed voting breakdown by each party which can be viewed as both a table and a pie chart.

21 AUGUST 2021

Additional postcode data has been provided that adds in a significant number of postcodes that are no longer in use.

The majority of these postcodes will be large user postcodes that have been retired and the site will now show the dates the postcode was first introduced and when it was retired if this information is available and we now also highlight if the postcode is a large user postcode.

If you're unsure of what a large user postcode is, click on the info panel on the page for more details.

13 AUGUST 2021

You can now drill into a crime category by clicking on a row on the crime page and view a map showing the locations of where the crimes are committed.

Please note that for privacy reasons the Police will assign a crime to a nearby point rather than the absolute location where the crime took place.

7 AUGUST 2021

We have today added extended Police Force information to the site for England and Wales.

For each postcode you can view the force and neighbourhood contact details; senior officers within the force and the local neighbourhood policing team; police stations; neighbourhood policing priorities and any local events coming up.

Please note that some forces do not provide all information in all categories and that for some forces, the information may be out of date. We include the dates provided so that it should become obvious if the data is still valid or not.

1 AUGUST 2021

Welcome to StreetGuide and if you're reading this then you're an early adopter and one of the very first people to make use of this site.

We hope you find the site useful and that you keep checking back as we have lots more in the pipeline to add to the site over the coming weeks and months and of course, if you have any ideas or suggestions, we would love to hear from you.

The easiest way of keeping up to date is to subscribe and we'll send you an email whenever a postcode you are interested in has a change of data.

The site and data is entirely new and so it is possible you may find some things not working and if you do, please accept our apologies and we would be grateful if you could report it to us, we would be most grateful.