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Proposed Parliamentary 2023 Constituency Map for

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Constituency boundaries are reviewed periodically to make sure that constituencies are all of a similar size and reflect local ties between areas. The reviews alter constituencies to reflect rising and falling populations, as well as changes in the boundaries of the wards that comprise them. The next re-alignment of boundaries is due to take effect in 2023.

The current boundaries were designed based on electorates in 2000 and have been used since 2010. The new boundaries must be within 5% of the electoral quota of 73,393 electors - except for five protected seats.

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The Boundary Commission for England released their proposals on 8 June 2021
The Boundary Commission for Wales released their proposals on 8 September 2021
The Boundary Commission for Scotland released their initial proposals on 14 October 2021
The Boundary Commission for Northern Ireland will release their initial proposals during Autumn 2021