Brick Street, LIVERPOOL, L1 0BL


This page details the photographs taken nearby to Brick Street, L1 0BL by members of the Geograph project.

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Brick Street, Liverpool
A prosaic working street with a less prosaic view Image
Image: © Stephen Richards Taken: 11 Jun 2015
0.03 miles
Jordan Street
Industrial units in the Baltic Triangle. The 1908 25" map shows a hair works here, whatever that was?
Image: © Richard Webb Taken: 26 Dec 2017
0.04 miles
Duncan Street
The 1908 25" map shows two pubs on this corner, one by the camera and one where are now, over the other side of St James Street. Duncan Streep heads away with the Anglican Cathedral in the background.
Image: © Richard Webb Taken: 26 Dec 2017
0.04 miles
St James Street, Liverpool
With St Vincent de Paul Roman Catholic Church on the left of the road.
Image: © Kevin Gordon Taken: 22 Sep 2008
0.06 miles
Bob Marley singing in the rain on Jamaica Street, Liverpool
Image: © Roger A Smith Taken: 23 Nov 2021
0.07 miles
New Bird Street Skate Park, Liverpool
Situated in the Baltic Triangle area of Liverpool.
Image: © Matt Harrop Taken: 7 Apr 2019
0.07 miles
Former warehouse, Watkinson Street, Liverpool
One of several good late C19th examples in the area. This one looked as if it was still being used, at least partially.
Image: © Stephen Richards Taken: 11 Jun 2015
0.07 miles
The Horseshoe pub and Liverpool Anglican Cathedral
I think the pub was built before the cathedral, all the old terraced houses have gone, replaced by 20 c housing. The pub was used by the Liverpool "far left" socialists as a meeting place.
Image: © Jill Rigby Taken: Unknown
0.08 miles
Shops in St James Street, Liverpool
Image: © Kevin Gordon Taken: 22 Sep 2008
0.09 miles
Former warehouse, Bridgewater Street, Liverpool
Eviscerated since Image], a few fragments hanging on. The gap has since been filled. Now flats.
Image: © Stephen Richards Taken: 11 Jun 2015
0.09 miles
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